CoCENTRIX CARETILES, a suite of mobile Consumer Applications, empowers the Consumer to be an active participant in their Care Plan.

CARETILES Consumer Applications

CARETILES closes the Clinical Loop in Consumer Care and Increases Engagement

Increase Consumer Engagement

CARETILES, a suite of interactive, mobile consumer applications, provides an engagement platform for the consumer to participate as an active stakeholder in designing, monitoring and documenting compliance with their Care Plan.

Monitor Through the Full Lifecycle

CARETILES supports and monitors the full consumer lifecycle — including assessment, care planning, service delivery, progress monitoring, and consumer/family engagement. The mobile Apps place the consumer and supporting stakeholders — their circle of care of support and accountability — at the center of their care plan's goals and objectives. CARETILES increases Care Plan engagement — assisting in level-of-care choices and improving program outcomes.

Secure. Safe. Compliant.

All mHEALTH Applications within CARETILES are secure and HIPAA compliant — Data is exchanged over a closed centralized delivery network.

Close the clinical loop

CARETILES connects the consumer to the enterprise, closing the clinical loop and extending information exchange beyond your organization's four walls. CARETILES ties into the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform (CoCENTRIXccp), enabling data exchange between the Health Record and the consumer and their circle of support and accountability. The closed-loop connection enables your organization to continuously utilize internal best practice assessments, clinical libraries and standardized data models for reporting and analytics.

Remote programming

CARETILES is web-based and platform agnostic, enabling both the clinician and the consumer to interact from any device including tablets, desktop, and mobile phones. Additionally, CARETILES supports remote programming, empowering the clinician to monitor and communicate with the consumer from anywhere.



The clinician completes an assessment in the Health Record to determine the client's needs and related interventions.


Goals and interventions are generated from the assessment, populated in the treatment plan and pushed to TalkingTILES.

CARETILES LAUNCHER builds a customized "Visual Schedule" for the Caregiver to execute on the treatment plan.

The Caregiver works with the client using the tiles as prescribed. Usage information is captured and moved back to the treatment plan to document progress.

CARETILES Consumer Applications

Sample CARETILES Scenarios

Sample Scenario: Depression

Therapeutic interaction is most efective when the consumer is provided with assignments, tasks and resources to process between therapeutic encounters. CARETILES allows the clinician to push interventions to the consumer that are individualized to the consumer's problems and risk factors. Examples can include educational and community resources, daily mood journals, community support, and self-assessment tools.


Care Plan

Consumer Application

Sample Scenario: Daily Living Skills

People with intellectual disabilities are a highly diverse group with significant variations in the extent and nature of their intellectual impairments and functional disabilities and as such require a highly individualized care plan that focus on maximizing growth and independence. CARETILES provides the clinician with the ability to push information to both the consumer and the consumers support team that promote the skills and domains of living. Tasks and resources can then be used to meet the consumers goals and track progress.


Care Plan

Consumer Application

Additonal Scenarios: I/DD

CARETILES can interact in the following example scenarios:

Self-Care Tasks, Home Management, Safety Awareness, Community Support, Social Interaction, Vocational Tasks, etc..

Sample Scenario: Bullying in School

A 13-year-old child is being bullied in school (and online) and is uncomfortable approaching faculty and family because of the fear of being stigmatized, embarrassed, and/or ridiculed. The torment is causing feelings of hopelessness & thoughts of suicide.

Fortunately, the school provides a free mobile Application for students preloaded with educational resources (videos, websites, relevant documents, etc..) on bullying, mental health, Mental Health First Aid, and additional relevant content determined by the school district. Most importantly, the Application features an 'Ask for Help' interface in which the student can report an incident or alert a contracted mental health professional in a manner that is private and familiar to generation Z.

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