Surprising Treatments for Mental Illness View Infographic

Surprising Treatments for Mental Disorders

July 2 , 2014 —  

Over 36 million Americans will pay for mental health care in the span of a year. The numbers are alarming but with the recent surge in mental health awareness and a booming trend in healthy living, people living with a mental illness are starting to search for treatments that are not only affordable but natural, too. Using alternative treatments, gives consumers   …Continue Reading

National Council Infographic Feature View Infographic

National Council: Mental Illness Infographic

January 27 , 2013 —  

An infographic from the National Council for Community Behavioral paints a comprehensive picture of mental illness and mental healthcare in the U.S. The infographic highlights these eye-opening statistics: Approximately 57.7 million Americans will suffer from mental illness. That number represents a fifth of the entire population. People of all different races are effected by mental   …Continue Reading

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Infographic on Electronic Health Records View Infographic

ONC-HIT Electronic Health Record Infographic

January 25 , 2013 —  

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology recently released an infographic geared towards patients to raise awareness and answer the what and why around the Electronic Health Record. The infographic reveals some interesting numbers around mHealth and articulates the direction of consumer-driven coordinated care. Source: Office of the National Coordinator for Health   …Continue Reading

Medication-Adherence Featured View Infographic

DrFirst Prescription Abandonment Infographic

January 15 , 2013 —  

Our partner, DrFirst, recently published a great infographic in their post on Prescription Abandonment.  The raw numbers associated with patients not  filling prescriptions are staggering. In fact, patient medication non-adherence adds up to a $290 Billion problem annually. Additionally, beyond the detrimental financial consequence of prescription abandonment, the quality of care a provider can give is compromised. Fortunately,   …Continue Reading