Bancroft CoCENTRIX Case Study

CoCENTRIX recently sat down with Josefina Nash, MS, Vice President of Information Technology and Bob Stokes, ITS Project Manager, two instrumental technology stakeholders at Bancroft responsible for the selection and implementation process of the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform (CoCENTRIXccp).

Hear first-hand from Bancroft staff on why they selected the CoCENTRIXccp and how it has impacted the organization thus far.

Read about Bancroft’s detailed journey with CoCENTRIX from selection to implementation in this informative Q&A session.

About Bancroft: Bancroft offers a comprehensive range of services such as neurological rehabilitation, special education, vocational training and support employment, structured day program, campus and community living program and behavioral supports. Bancroft prides itself on its outstanding residential, outpatient and educational presence for both children and adults. The organization is a pioneer in offering intellectual and development services and established one of the first schools in the country for children with intellectual disabilities.