See how CARETILES helps individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Mississippi.
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The CoCENTRIX CARETILES marketplace of Mobile Applications empowers the Consumer to be an active participant in their Care Plan

CARETILES, the CoCENTRIX marketplace of interactive, mobile consumer applications, provides an engagement platform for the consumer to participate as an active stakeholder in designing, monitoring and documenting compliance with their Care Plan. CARETILES applications support and monitor the full consumer life cycle – including assessment, care planning, service delivery, progress monitoring, and consumer/family engagement. Our mobile applications place the consumer and supporting stakeholders – their circle of care of support and accountability – at the center of their care plan’s goals and objectives. Our apps increase Care Plan engagement — assisting in level-of-care choices and improving program outcomes.

CARETILES Applications close the Clinical Loop in Consumer Care and Enterprise Engagement
CARETILES applications connect the consumer to the enterprise, closing the clinical loop and extending information exchange beyond your organization’s four walls. Our apps tie into the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform (CoCENTRIXccp), enabling data exchange between the Health Record and the consumer and their circle of support and accountability. The closed-loop
connection enables your organization to continuously utilize internal best practice assessments, clinical libraries and standardized data models for reporting and analytics.

CARETILES applications are web-based and platform agnostic, enabling both the clinician and the consumer to interact from any device including tablets, desktop, and mobile phones. Additionally, our apps support remote programming, empowering the clinician to monitor and communicate with the consumer from anywhere.

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