CoCENTRIX, a leading provider of coordinated care solutions to state Health and Human Services and community-based providers, is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (VA DBHDS) has launched the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform (CoCENTRIXccp) to manage the transitions of care of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities amongst and between state-operated facilities and community-based services.

“This is truly a great success for the citizens of Virginia,” said Connie Cochran, Assistant Commissioner for Developmental Services. “Not only will the CoCENTRIXccp provide us with the tools to facilitate positive transitions of care and comply with Olmstead mandates – it also enables the Department to optimize the delivery of services, improve outcomes, and measure progress.”

The Virginia DBHDS oversees and delivers services to citizens requiring mental health, substance use, and intellectual and developmental support services. The CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform provides the Virginia DBHDS with a statewide Discharge Management solution, an integral component of Virginia’s strategic Community Integration Program — a program that provides support infrastructure for individuals with disabilities to be fully integrated into the community.

The Discharge Management solution will facilitate positive transitions of care between five Intellectual Disability residential facilities operated by the Commonwealth to more independent living environments managed in collaboration with Virginia’s system of Community Service Boards (CSB). The platform supports collaborative efforts between DBHDS and CSB staff to coordinate and manage the transition of people currently residing in institutional environments to reside in more independent community-based housing and support programs, and to support families and caregivers during these transitions.

“We are proud to provide the Commonwealth with the tools needed for positive transitions of care,” said Leigh Orlov, president of CoCENTRIX. “With this platform, the Commonwealth of Virginia has the infrastructure to deliver accountable care for this population and ensure Virginia citizens opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.”

Commonwealth Virginia Department of Behavioral Health LogoAbout the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Available to citizens statewide, Virginia’s public mental health, intellectual disability and substance abuse services system is comprised of 16 state-operated facilities and 40 locally-run community service boards (CSBs) Both serve children and adults who have, or are at risk for, mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, intellectual disabilities, or substance abuse disorders.

Virginia’s state-run facilities provide highly-structured, intensive services and consist of: seven mental health facilities, five intellectual disability training centers, a psychiatric facility for children and adolescents, a medical center, a psychiatric geriatric hospital and a center for behavioral rehabilitation. For placement in state facilities, patients are initially evaluated and referred from local CSBs.

For the past several years, DBHDS has been working in earnest with a broad network of stakeholders to transform the system to enhance community-based care for individuals, make overdue infrastructure improvements to state facilities, and to change the way services are delivered. For more information, go to