Spokane, WA – Frontier Behavioral Health (FBH) has selected the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform (the CoCENTRIXccp) as their electronic health record and care management tool to connect the organization’s diverse service lines, improving care coordination and the lives of the individuals and families they serve.  Frontier will also utilize the robust analytic tools within the CoCENTRIXccp to better manage the costs of care and track outcomes.

As Spokane County’s largest provider of crisis response services, FBH will be customizing the CoCENTRIXccp to cater all fifteen of their behavioral health service lines. The robust functionality and flexibility of the solution will allow FBH to easily configure the application to meet its unique needs.

“Coordinating care among an expansive line of services required us to search for a solution that could be easily customized and quickly adopted by over 500 users.  By selecting the CoCENTRIXccp, a solution that leverages Microsoft’s open architected Dynamics Platform, we will now be utilizing a leading technology that provides superior application performance, streamlines care delivery and improves usability,” said Paul Arguinchona, CIO, Frontier Behavioral Health.

FBH is the Lead Service Provider of Crisis Response Services within the Spokane County Regional Support Network (SCRSN). They provide 24-hour intervention services and Involuntary Treatment Act evaluations to individuals of any age who are in emotional crisis or experiencing a psychiatric emergency. They provide a broad spectrum of care including outpatient therapy, medication management for adults and youth, psychological assessments, specialized elder care, and case management.

With extensive government regulated reporting, FBH will be taking advantage of CoCENTRIXccp’s robust reporting capabilities.  Reports from the platform will allow FBH to recognize improved outcomes, help capture additional revenue and efficiently pull both required and customized reports. “Our partnership with CoCENTRIX will not only transform our ability to meet reporting requirements but will also help us gather and disseminate the appropriate information more efficiently and securely,” said Arguinchona.

“At CoCENTRIX we understand the importance of sharing patient information safely across the entire organization,” says Leigh Orlov, CEO of CoCENTRIX. “the CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform  will allow  Frontier to remain at the forefront of care delivery and to continue to provide a positive impact on the citizens they serve by seamlessly coordinating care throughout the Spokane community and ensuring all care providers have access to the appropriate information – anytime, anywhere.”

About Frontier Behavioral Health

Frontier Behavioral Health was formed in 2011 with the merger of two long-standing mental health organizations: Spokane Mental Health (since 1970) and Family Service Spokane (since 1905). Combined,  FBH has been serving Spokane County for more than 100 years.

Beyond Crisis Response and other populations with eligibility exceptions, FBH primarily serves individuals enrolled in Medicaid and operates two 16-bed inpatient Evaluation and Treatment facilities and a 16-bed Stabilization program.

At present, FBH employs more than 550 and serves approximately 13,000 clients per year.