Meet Jane.  Jane is one of every four people in the US that have some form of mental illness.  People with such conditions are also more likely to have co-occurring medical issues as well as the need for social services within their communities.

The CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform or “CoCENTRIX ccp” is an open platform that connects, collaborates, and coordinates care and services across the “Circle of Care and Accountability” for consumers, like Jane.

The platform includes a Certified Electronic Health Record, Coordinated Case Management, Managed Care Solutions, and interactive, mobile consumer applications that streamline services across the entire continuum of care.

The CoCENTRIX ccp increases Janes chances for a better quality of life and positive clinical outcomes by enabling a collaborative, three hundred sixty degree perspective of all points of care and services rendered. Additionally, the resulting elimination of duplication of services and reduction of administrative overhead greatly reduces the cost to “The Circle” supporting Jane.