Sink or Swim - Strategic Considerations

Webinar Details and Presenters for the Webinar on Strategy Considerations in an Evolving Health and Human Services Market.

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In the rapidly evolving health and human services environment, what should providers pay attention to for short and long-term success? The upcoming executive web briefing, sponsored by CoCENTRIX, will provide a broad overview of key strategies for improving clinical and financial drivers, along with a review of emerging technologies related to measuring outcomes and changing reimbursement models. The webinar presents a strategic and proven framework for attendees to gain the necessary foundation needed to remain competitive in a turbulent marketplace.

This 60-minute executive briefing:

 Reviews the clinical/reimbursement changes and challenges driving the health and human services market today

Provides tips on how to strategically position your organization for success

 Discuss technologies to help facilitate accountability and coordinated care as providers plan for long-term success

The presentation also features special guest Richard Smith, CIO at Elwyn – a nationally diversified behavioral health provider! Hear Richard’s strategic technology plans for Elwyn and how the organization has continued to be successful in an ever changing market.

About the Speakers


Steven Ramsland, Ed.D., Senior Associate

Steven Ramsland, Ed.D., Senior Associate, has over 25 years of experience in the development and delivery of health and human service programs. He is experienced in building and managing non-profit and for-profit social enterprise ventures. He is an expert on managed care and managed care organizations and on the interaction between the public and private sectors in healthcare. Dr. Ramsland has a demonstrated ability to develop and execute strategic plans, win new business, form mergers and partnerships, lead high-performing cross-functional teams, and manage change.

Richard T. Smith, Vice President of Information Technology

Richard T. Smith is responsible for all information technology activities at Elwyn locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and California.

Smith served for four years as Elwyn’s Senior Director for Information Technology, where he has directed the strategic application of corporate information technology. Overseeing a staff of 27 employees since 2006, Smith has been responsible for the integration of enterprise applications, growing core competencies through technology, assuring the effective delivery of IT support and services, and maximizing the dissemination of quality information.