Foster Care and Adoption Solution for the Enterprise

Background: According to the HHS and AFC Child Welfare Outcomes Report submitted to congress in 2011, nationally, there were approximately 407,000 children in foster care on the last day of 2011. During that year, an estimated 247,000 children entered foster care, and 240,000 children exited foster care. Compared to data from FY02, the number of children in care on the last day of the FY decreased by 23.3%. With promising regulatory changes and greater technological adoption by state agencies and provider organizations, the future looks promising for increased permanency rates and a decrease in reentry and emancipation rates.

Trends aside, the outcomes of system child welfare system remain steadfast: reduce abuse and neglect; reduce reentry rate and time in care; reduce emancipation rates; increase permanency and placement; and increase speed to adoption.

Solution: CoCENTRIX’s Child Welfare solution is designed to document, measure, and improve the outcomes reported annually by the Department of Health and Human Services. Furthermore, our child welfare solution is integrated into our enterprise human service platform, the CoCENTRIXccp, extending the continuum of care around that individual well beyond the limitations of simple stand-alone case management system.

The CoCENTRIXccp offers foster care and adoption features that provide your organization with the ability to document family structures, track movement and assignment of children within the system and monitor and report for federal/state/local licensing and compliance rules. Within the CoCENTRIXccp you can create profiles of foster homes, parents, and children with the ability to:

  • Monitor licensing standards and renewals
  • Multiple clearance review tracking
  • Monitor foster care/adoption provider requirements
  • Profile the foster family for compatibility with clients
  • Track client movement within and between families
  • Monitor compliance time frame relating to placement goals
  • Provide methods of payment for Foster Home providers
  • Perform invoice billing
  • Monitor Foster Homes Status
  • Evaluate Training/Education requirements
  • Evaluate Household composition
  • Review available placement options

Additionally, a history is maintained at a child record level of all placements for a given child, services provided and activities specific to each placement.


Improved Placement and Safety
Comprehensive assessments and greater access to available resources contribute to better placement options/decisions and increased child safety

HIPAA and Child Welfare Compliant
Meets Federal, State, and Local compliance and regulations.

Positive Transitions of Care
From medication management to ongoing monitoring tools, our integrated transitions of care solution ensures you can safely provide services for the individual as he/she enters, exits, and moves within the system.

360 Degree View of the Child and Family
Documents, maintains, and transmits all health records and communications around the child and family including electronic signatures and associated images

Comprehensive Reporting
With real-time business intelligence, you can quickly measure outcomes and program efficacy.