With one in four adults living with comorbid conditions and the high cost of care continually rising, integrated care models have increasingly become a standard for delivering care. The complexity of treating both physical and behavioral health conditions along with the critical need of increased collaboration across providers have organizations looking for a solution to provide consumers with better quality of care while also managing the burdensome costs.

Automating care plans and transitions of care, while improving provider communication and still tracking consumer progress is vital to improving the health of the millions of consumers that are diagnosed with comorbid conditions. The CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform (CoCENTRIXccp) optimizes integrated care with consumer-centric solutions that automate and significantly improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

CoCENTRIXccp is the leading provider of software for integrated care management, allowing providers to provide comorbid care within the same solution, providing benefits such as:

  • A Complete and Integrated Solution: Built on a single platform with four key components – a unified and secure ONC-ACB Certified electronic health record, coordinate case management, managed care solutions and CARETILES, a suite of mobility consumer applications
  • Manage Transitions of Care: Provides a seamless transition to other care settings by sharing treatment and discharge plans electronically
  • Collaborate: Easily engage with all care plan providers to ensure each consumer is receiving the highest quality of care. With real-time information, care team members know exactly what care is being provided to decrease duplication of services
  • Customize: Despite your organization’s care model or setting, CoCENTRIXccp is completely customizable to fit the needs of your business
  • Improve the Health and Wellness of Comorbid Consumers: Focus on quality of care by customizing care plans to fit the unique needs of the individual and track progress instantaneously
  • Reduce Costs: By implementing a solution that provides higher efficiency in communication and provider interactions, significant cost savings follow and medical cost offsets dramatically improve
  • Easily Comply: Stay in tune with regulations and standards with our rules-based architecture that is designed to ensure compliance with internal policies and government regulations
  • Boost Staff Productivity: Eliminate duplication of services and maximize resource utilization
  • Stay Open: Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, our open platform can be quickly installed with very little disruption and allows you to maximize your current IT infrastructure providing a 360-degree view of patient information

CoCENTRIXccp is an intuitive solution that provides a single, holistic view of the consumer’s patient record, allowing your integrated care organization to optimize care while improving your bottom line. Features include:

  • Single, Integrated Patient Record View Provides a holistic view of the consumer’s patient record across care settings – from assessments, care plans, medications, progress notes, diagnoses, exams & vitals and more
  • Optimized Service and Care Planning Provides customizable treatment planning templates that can be shared with all members of the care team and allows each provider to view all activities recommended or currently taking place
  • Predictors and Alerts to Help Avoid High Risk Scenarios High risk predictors are identified and shared to avert potential crises. Alerts can be configured according to your clinical and business rules. Triggers may include alerts for missing diagnosis, services missing progress notes, clinical diagnostic alerts, and progress notes not signed and finalized, among others.
  • Drilldown Reporting Standard and ad hoc reports and configurable dashboards provide the ability for users to customize their user-experience on the fly and also for reporting requirements
  • Stay Connected with Referral Partners Properly match the right consumer with the right provider with an intuitive, multi-directional referral management system that provides tracking of referrals and database management
  • Closed Loop Approach Combining of discharge planning and care planning offers a closed loop solution to transitions of care. Seamless interfacing with other services, such as lab work, provides real-time views of orders and results
  • Medication Tracking Integrated Pharmacy Management, eMAR and e-prescribing functionality that assists providers with tracking compliance, interactions, allergies, and provide tools for overall medication management
  • Mobile Solutions That Are With You, Where You Are CoCENTRIX consumer applications and mobile solutions support desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart-phone access to the system. It also leverages the use of a state-of-the-art, touch-based interface on interactive screens across several media outputs
  • Billing That Helps Maximize & Collect Every Dollar Billing and receivables connects all spectrums of your integrated care model and helps minimize denials by enforcing billing, documentation authorization and charge completion rules

No matter what your integrated model of care is, CoCENTRIXccp and our top-rated services provide the leading solution in improving health across all spectrums of care and diagnoses.