Mental Health and Justice / Corrections

“The CoCENTRIXccp offers an integrated platform approach to the entire criminal justice continuum of care”

A Correctional Human Service Platform for:

CoCENTRIX bridges the gap in Mental Health and Justice by providing comprehensive correctional human service solutions for jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers, crisis intervention teams, law enforcement, first responders, and mental health and drug courts.

With most prisons quickly becoming states’ largest psychiatric wards, our multi-disciplinary platform empowers correctional organizations with an integrated and holistic approach to identifying, preventing, treating, and monitoring individuals with mental illness and/or co-occuring disorders at the most impactful intercepts along the criminal justice continuum — before, during, and after incarceration.

Our fully-certified and integrated Electronic Health Record, Collaborative Case Management, and Consumer Applications enable your organization to provide and/or coordinate the patient-centered care that is necessary for real rehabilitation, re-integration, and a safer community.

Criminal Justice Continuum

From the consumer’s first intercept with law enforcement to the transition from jails, prisons, and detention centers back into the community, the CoCENTRIXccp delivers the appropriate services to the consumer at each unique intercept of the criminal justice continuum — offering a dynamic, consumer-centric correctional healthcare system.

First Responder App Icon -  Criminal Justice Continuum

1) Mobile, First Responder Application for First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Crisis Intervention Teams

CARETILES, an interactive, mobile application, empowers first responders, law enforcement, and crisis intervention teams to successfully identify, understand, and respond appropriately to ‘first responder’ scenarios where individuals elicit signs of mental illness and/or substance use disorders. The application is connected to the platform, enabling First Responders to successfully triage at the first intercept as well as begin documentation for better assessments, provider searches and referrals.

Diversion Icon -  Criminal Justice Continuum

2) Diversion – Bridging the gap in Mental Health and Justice

The CoCENTRIXccp, integrated with a full OMS, can promote a singular, 360 degree view of data from arrest reports, eligibility screens, risk assessments, and community treatment providers for more informed pre-trial hearings and comprehensive diversion program evaluations. Additionally, the CoCENTRIXccp’s robust case management solution facilitates appropriate coordination of services with continuous monitoring to ensure treatment/program compliance.

Correctional Healthcare System Icon -  Criminal Justice Continuum

3) Correctional Healthcare System

With full Offender Management integration, the CoCENTRIXccp offers an ONC-ACB Electronic Health Record and Collaborative Case Management — automating and coordinating the key clinical, financial, and operational processes within the correctional healthcare system. Features include:

  • CPOE/ eMAR
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Biometrics
  • Alert Notifications
  • Inmate Moves
  • Disease Management
  • Interface support for
  • Labs/Radiology
  • HIEs
  • Platform-agnostic Mobile support
  • See additional EHR features here

Reentry Icon - Criminal Justice Continuum

4) Reentry Coordination and Monitoring

The CoCENTRIX Correctional Human Service Platform emphasizes the reduction of recidivism and provides solutions to eliminate the revolving-door cycle that plagues so many offenders. CoCENTRIX’s discharge management solution includes:

  • Workflow Notifications
  • Pre-discharge Assessment
  • Medication and Special Instruction Reviews
  • Documentation of Return of Personal Property
  • Aftercare Referral
  • Aftercare Follow-up Reminders
  • e-Prescribing
  • Authorization, Consent + Release of Health Info
  • Discharge Plan Review with Family
  • Open-ended Monitoring

Beyond intensive case management, our platform facilitates accountable reentry coordination with CARETILES, a suite of mobile consumer applications that connects and empowers the offender to be an active participant in his or her’s care plan. Additionally, CARETILES enables your organization to continuously monitor the consumer and adapt services as risk varies.

Benefits of the CoCENTRIXccp to Corrections/Justice include:

Patient-centered Dynamic Risk Manageability

Provides true Patient-Centered, Dynamic Risk Manageability

The CoCENTRIXccp’s ability to connect and coordinate with agencies inside and outside of the criminal justice continuum enables your organization to continuously monitor and adapt treatment in accordance with changes in the offender’s health and behavior — always balancing risk with support and treatment.

Better Outcomes

Improve Outcomes

The CoCENTRIXccp provides solutions that increase positive outcomes before, during, and after incarceration. With tools that assist with early identification, documentation, referral and linking, treatment, discharge management, and ongoing monitoring — your organization can automate best practices for greater efficiencies and better outcomes.


Streamline your Healthcare System

With our ONC-ACB certified, integrated Electronic Health Record, your organization can automate, coordinate and efficiently deliver behavioral health and primary care services during and after incarceration. The CoCENTRIXccp facilitates onsite, co-located, and facilitated referral models.

Reduce Recidivism

Reduce Recidivism

The CoCENTRIXccp provides best-in-class discharge management tools to increase accountability, transparency, and ensure individuals don’t fall into the revolving door cycle. The platform facilitates ongoing monitoring and reentry coordination for housing, vocation, mental health treatment, etc..

Position your organization to provide integrated, comprehensive care before, during, and after incarceration.